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Drugs & Alcohol Addiction

Addiction to drugs and alcohol can start at as early as adolescence. At that age, young people seek to experience pleasure through the use of mood altering substances. The change in the laws and attitudes about the treatment of “pain,” which happened three years ago, increased the frequency of writing prescriptions for narcotic drugs leading to an increase in the consumption of these drugs. In addition, higher availability of narcotics has elevated the potential for abuse. During the last two years, narcotics have been the highest addictive substances used during high school.

Substance abuse is a very expensive and destructive behavior. Addicts, often resort to illegal and even criminal behavior to acquire money and drugs. Jobs are lost, families are destroyed, and property is stolen or destroyed. Addicts are always in denial about their addiction. Treatment is not sought until a concerned family member forces it on the addict.

At OMEGA Center, we believe the answer to combating drug and alcohol addiction is a multi-phase approach involving the following components:

  • Desire to quit and tried other programs but were not successful.
  • Relieving the physical need for the substance without using a drug.

Dealing with the psychological aspect in such a way that it ensures an addiction free lifestyle.

Supporting the body nutritionally to rid it of toxic chemicals and aid the body in repairing damage.

OMEGA uses Matrix Laser Systems which has developed a complete approach to resolving the issue of drug and alcohol addiction. Over a decade of research and development has allowed them to create advanced therapies that promise to bring us through a new millennium of healthy living. Our technology involves a computerized low power laser which triggers the brain to produce its own natural opiates to overcome withdrawal and cravings. Behavior modification techniques are used during and after the therapy to overcome the psychological dependency, and a nutritional program is designed to support the body as it heals.

A behavior modification and counseling CD will be provided for listening and practicing at home.

OMEGA Laser Therapy 
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OMEGA Laser Therapy 
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