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What is a laser?

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What is a cold laser (Also called LLLT)? 
There are several kinds of laser.  Cold Laser- These lasers on the contrary are very low powered and deemed safe, they range from 50-200mw/sec energy, very ideal for treating acupuncture points.  They are mostly class III- A-B and IV-A and are considered safe by FDA in most states, with minor operating precautions.

On the contrary hot laser- They are used by doctors for doing surgery, cosmetic care, and hair care.  They are dangerous with serious side effects.  They can burn and can cause harm even in very experienced, educated, and trained hands.  They are very high powered and energy in 10 to 350 kw/sec

Is LLLT safe?
It is very safe.  There is no potential damage, but you should not shine the light directly into the eye.  LLLT is non-invasive and medication-free. It has been used in England, Canada, and Europe for over 20 years.

How does LLLT work?
Low level laser is currently investigational in the U.S. to determine if it boosts endorphin production, thereby relieving the cravings and withdrawal symptoms normally associated with smoking cessation. Endorphins are produced naturally by your body and are nature’s own mood lifter. The endorphin production may relieve the physical withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking and help keep you from feeling anxious or “crabby”.

How effective is it?
As compared to pills, gums, and patches, we have much higher success rates and it works in one hour. FDA forbids us to print our data, as this is investigational.

What parts of my body will receive laser?
For smoking cessation or weight loss the laser is applied to the meridian acupuncture points on different parts of the body.

What does the treatment involve?
It is safe, painless, and holistic therapy that creates a loss of nicotine craving.  The release of endorphins in the brain makes you feel normal.  It takes sitting in a comfortable chair for about half and hour.  While you are getting laser done, you will be getting counseling and behavior modification at the same time.  There is behavior modification CD that can do hypnosis when listening to the CD at home in a comfortable environment.

Will the laser hurt?
No, it does not hurt.  It is painless, drug-free treatment. There are no needles involved. There is no risk of bleeding or transmission of any diseases from one person to another.  Most people describe an extremely relaxed feeling following their laser session.

Is the treatment medically approved by my insurance?
At this time, LLLT for smoking cessation and weight loss is not reimbursable by insurance companies.  Some employers may be willing to pay for these treatments.  As these treatments are still considered investigational by FDA, most insurances do not pay for these treatments.  FDA has only approved treating pain.

How long does the laser session take?
The laser session itself takes about 30 minutes. Your first visit will include a personal consultation and counseling, so you should allow about an hour for that appointment.

Who should get treated?

Anyone who thinks smoking is dangerous to health, may have developed emphysema, cancer, high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke, kidney disease, circulation problems. 

Spouse doesn’t like, parents don’t like, kids don’t like.       

If you think it is disgusting to continue to smoke, but don’t know how to do it effectively. You don’t want to develop these diseases in the future.  If you have tried several times and failed on the existing treatments like Commit Lozenges, Nicorette Gum, Nicotine Patches, or Inhalers, Zyban, Wellburtrin, or Chantix.Just be smart and take control of your health and life.  Be a good role model in your family for others.

It WAS COOL to smoke, it is COOLER NOT TO SMOKE in 21st century.

Will I gain weight when I quit smoking?
Yes, most people are expected to gain up to 20 pounds. Omega Laser Therapy technicians/study investigators will explain the metabolic changes that occur in your body when you quit smoking so that you may avoid as much weight gain. We have options for additional treatment points to avoid as much weight gain. That is not by itself a weight loss program.

Are the results guaranteed?
Nothing is guaranteed.  If you want to quit it works well very well.  It is a very complex process of psychological aspects of substance dependence and addiction to the substance. 

Nicotine addiction consists of three factors: the physical addiction, the mental addiction, and hand to mouth motion.

The laser session may relieve the physical withdrawal symptoms. If you have smoked 1-2 packs a day for 20-30 years, this means you will be making a huge change to your daily routine when you quit. Even if you experience NO physical symptoms, you may still think about smoking.

Therefore, while we cannot make a guarantee, we will do everything in our power to ensure your success.  Most people express they feel normal after the treatment.  They have no craving or withdrawal left in them when they leave our office.

Like the smoking sessions, weight loss depends a great deal on your commitment; consequently we cannot guarantee individual results. We offer packages which are designed to fit your lifestyle and the amount of weight you wish to lose.

The laser session should be an adjunct to your own diet and exercise programs. It may control the cravings, increases your metabolism, and leaves you calm and relaxed. Omega does not recommend any particular diet, as each person must choose a diet that fits their lifestyle of activity and eating habits. 

However, we will give you information that can assist you with your program and will be available for consultation throughout your laser sessions.

Are there any health conditions for which LLLT is not recommended?
Yes. Since Omega Laser Therapy is participating in clinical research trials for smoking cessation and weight loss, alcohol, drug, and stress there are some health conditions that will exclude you from receiving LLLT. All clients are screened and their history reviewed to assure that they qualify for participation in these trials. The conditions that would exclude you from receiving these treatments are: active cancer, undergoing treatments with chemotherapy or radiation, photosensitivity to light, pregnancy, blood clotting disorders, epilepsy, use of a pacemaker, and having steroid injections 48 hours prior to receiving laser.  Laser therapy promotes cell growth and repair, so studies are inconclusive on the effects of the above situations.  Not treating these particular clients is a precautionary measure.  Omega Laser Center does not diagnose or treat illness or prescribe medication.  Laser therapy is not intended to replace medical care.  We recommend that you consult your physician for a professional diagnosis of your health.

Is there anything I need to do before my first laser session?
While there are no preparations needed for laser sessions, it is helpful if before you arrive that you drink 6 – 8 glasses of water each day, decrease your consumption of caffeine of either coffee or sodas, and drink citrus juice daily or take vitamin C tablets.  Make a commitment to yourself for permanent change of your lifestyle may it be quit smoking or losing weight. It may also helpful to take a good multivitamin every day to help replace the nutrients that nicotine draws out of your system. Give yourself an hour for the whole evaluation and treatment.

Is LLLT approved by the FDA?
Treatments of certain musculoskeletal conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, etc have been cleared by the FDA for human use. The laser that we use has been ruled a “non significant risk device” by the FDA, however, smoking cessation and weight loss with the low level laser have not been cleared. Therefore, Omega Laser Therapy is one of several across the U.S. conducting clinical research trials for smoking or weight loss.

The purpose of the trials is to gather more information on the effectiveness of the low level laser for nicotine addiction and weight loss. You will be given an informed consent prior to the laser session, which will be reviewed with you by one of our research investigators. Once you are enrolled in our clinical trial and receive laser, your progress will be followed for approximately 3 – 6 months depending on which trial you are enrolled in.

Is this a medically supervised clinic?
Yes Omega Laser Therapy,  in Monroe, MI is under direct supervision of Dr. Arun Gupta M.D. P.C. who devotes many hours to assuring that the manner in which you are treated are both professional and ethical.

All protocols are administered under direct supervision and Dr. Arun Gupta is the Principal Investigator for proper execution of all clinical research conducted at our center.

How Many Treatments are needed?
Laser therapy has been successful for total smoking cessation - in many instances after only one 60-minute appointment. The increased rate of the body’s endorphin production helps the client through the crucial physical withdrawal period. Generally the first 72 hours are the most difficult time for a person to quit smoking.How much is laser therapy treatment and what is included?

If you smoke one pack a day it costs $150.00 a month, for two packs a day it costs $300.00 per month. Laser treatment of $295.00 includes laser therapy, education about nicotine addiction, suggestions on lifestyle changes, a CD to coach you through your first weeks of being smoke free, a list of suggested supplements that help rid the body of toxins (please consult you physician before embarking on any course of vitamins or supplements), and we provide helpful suggestions to prevent lighting up.  Written instructions to help you remember all the points raised during your first appointment. Most clients are able to quit smoking with just a single treatment but should you require a booster treatment and provided you have not introduced nicotine into your system this is available free within the first 4 weeks provided you have not introduced nicotine back into your body. After 4 weeks all booster treatments are just $75.00. (With booster treatments we can normally get you an appointment the same day as they take just 15 minutes).  If nicotine has been reintroduced to the body, the charge then is $125.00

What if I start smoking again am I still able to get a booster treatment?

If you introduce nicotine back into your system a booster will not be sufficient and a more thorough treatment will be required

How does laser therapy help to diminish weight gain?
One of the aspects of laser being studied in that we expect a 10 lb weight loss with one treatment in a month on an average.  Our laser therapists apply the laser to energy points to improve your metabolism and help suppress appetite. Application of laser to these acupuncture points may help the body adjust to this new lifestyle change.  Laser therapy is an enhancement to healthy eating and exercise. In addition, your therapist will recommend some healthy eating habits to support you in achieving your goals.

Is Cold Laser Treatment useful for other conditions?
Yes, we are involved in similar investigational treatments for alcohol and drug addiction.  We have IRB’s for Alcohol Addiction and Drug Addiction too, in addition to having IRB’s for Smoking cessation, Weight loss and Stress management.


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