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Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine is the most addictive substance in existence today exceeding cocaine, heroin, and drinking combined. Dependence on nicotine is harder to overcome because of it is readily easily available. Addiction starts at a young age. Most stop-smoking programs introduced in the US by insurance companies rely on nicotine substitutions and have been ineffective.

Substituting nicotine in cigarettes for nicotine in gums, patches, or inhalers wouldn’t overcome addiction to nicotine itself as switching from scotch to vodka wouldn’t treat alcoholism, or from heroin to methadone wouldn’t help the craving for the a narcotic.

Also, stop-smoking programs deal with the physical or psychological sides of addiction and very few address detoxification.

At Omega Life Style Center we believe the answer to combating tobacco addiction is our multi-phase approach involving the following components:

  • Relieving the physical need for the substance without using a drug;

  • Dealing with the psychological aspect in such a way that it ensures an addiction free lifestyle;

For this reason Omega Life Style Center has developed a complete approach to resolving the issue of tobacco addiction if people want to quit.

Omega Center uses Matrix Laser Systems which works on specific energy points of the body making our procedure completely safe and totally painless. Laser therapy is thought of as a highly effective modernistic form of Acupuncture without needles. The lasers light is helpful in controlling addictions and enhancing relaxation. When the laser makes contact with the body’s various energy points, the client will experience a feeling of relaxation and a state of well being.

A soft laser light is used to stimulate specific energy points in the ear, face, and hands relating to the addiction. Treatment with laser helps to promote the release of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are the body’s natural chemicals which help keep you calm and relaxed making it overwhelmingly easier to cope with the addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and cravings that arise from giving up nicotine.

Our therapists educate and council you during your 30 minute treatment. You will be given the knowledge on how to deal with your new lifestyle change of quitting smoking once and for all. Other areas being focused on during your therapy are the withdrawal symptoms, cravings, your current habits, and nutritional information which will help the body become nicotine free within seven days.

Omega Center can provide a backup booster within four weeks after your initial treatment, if cravings persist. We also provide a free therapeutic CD to listen to for behavior modification and counseling. For clients concerned about gaining weight after kicking the habit, we can also treat other pressure points which help increase your metabolism, thus controlling weight gain. The basis of our laser therapy treatment is to rapidly get you over the addiction period and teach you how to live a smoke-free life. Laser therapy has been proven to be substantially far more effective than nicotine gum, patches, or oral medications. There is no simpler way to get over nicotine addiction on the planet!

OMEGA Laser Therapy 
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OMEGA Laser Therapy 
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