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Stress Management

Even in the 21st century, stress is still the least discussed problem despite its aggravating influence on all other existing problems. The fast-paced life style we all lead at home and at work has pushed our desires and expectations to enormous heights. People have many anxieties, they don’t sleep well or not have enough sleep, their thoughts might race, they feel like walking on egg shells, they are short-tempered, and often feel like they are losing control of their life.

Agitated behavior, drinking and drug problems, marital discord and divorce, and even legal problems often follow. Prescription drugs work between 40 and 45 percent and if combined with psychotherapy could work up 60 percent of the time. The old saying “a stitch in time saves nine” is still valid today but we don’t learn to address the problems until they have spun out of control.

The OMEGA clinic uses Matrix Laser Systems which can be an effective means to reduce symptoms of stress. This is based upon the laser therapy's ability to energize normal body chemistry that stimulates a feeling of well being, and acupoint stimulation techniques which balance the body's energy.

The behavioral program will give you an understanding of the origin of the stress in your life, provide you with guidance in reducing the symptoms of stress and give you ideas on how to better deal with anxiety when it does occur.

The focus of this program is on managing negative effects of stress by self-engaging in positive behavior changes, actively. This helps reduce negative effects of stress on body and mind.

Helpful relaxation techniques are also reviewed so you can begin to practice these methods to reduce the causes of stress in your life. Coupled with learned and practiced relaxation techniques, you can feel better and reduce anxiety naturally.

A behavior modification CD will be provided for listening and practicing at home in your relaxed environment to keep you mentally motivated for a healthy change.

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