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Weight Management

Obesity and metabolic syndrome is a national health problem which has progressively worsened despite the proliferation of diets, books, and weight loss programs. These tools work for few weeks, but since they do not focus or address the life style changes necessary to sustain the weight loss, they often fail.

OMEGA Center has incorporated the important facets of therapy into a comprehensive program designed to maximize the client's results. Omega uses Matrix Laser Systems which is scientifically and holistically designed to provide client's with lifestyle counseling, laser therapy, and nutritional support to help them reach their goals quickly and safely.

The average North American today is considered to be overweight, but there are no miracle cures to solve this problem. Achieving your ultimate healthy goal takes time and commitment. Our laser technicians will show you how to integrate healthy eating and exercise into your busy lifestyle.

One application of low power laser is used to help raise the metabolic rate for 4-6 weeks. This does not replace exercise or eating right, but can compliment any weight loss program for accelerated results. Our certified laser technicians will provide clients with all the necessary information to keep the metabolism accelerated for maximum results. One treatment can have the client well on their way to reaching their goals (10-15 lbs) and achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Included in this program is a personalized body analysis, which shows how much fat vs. muscle you have, what you should be, and lays out an entire program for you to follow at home. This allows you to work in the most effective way, having set realistic goals. You will be given important nutritional information needed to allow an easy transition. A behavior modification CD or Cassette will also be supplied to help keep you mentally motivated into making these healthy changes.

With the benefits of laser, combined with nutritional knowledge, our technicians can provide the perfect stepping stones for those who are committed to changing their lives for the better.


OMEGA Laser Therapy 
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OMEGA Laser Therapy 
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